Ten Ways to Help Your Business Evolve


When you’re considering ways to grow your business, don’t be afraid to look “outside the box.” You have a vision of where you want your company to go; develop strategies to reach those goals. With that thought in mind, here are some tips to help your business evolve as you move forward into 2020 and beyond.

  • Don’t be afraid to think big(ger). Don’t look to your next easily attainable goal; instead, look to a 5- or 10-year ‘perfect world’ scenario and aim for that.
  • Develop a broader view of the world around you. Sometimes this includes formal training, other times this is being in tune to what others are doing and how that translates to your future.
  • The business plan today is “wrong.” The new one you create will also be “wrong.” It needs to constantly evolve, change and shift.  Sometimes it’s a rewrite, other times it’s just a tweak.  While the plan changes, your core values must be consistently upheld.
  • Entrepreneurship is a team sport!  Each person in the organization has a role to play.  Great teams don’t take no for an answer.
  • Continue to develop a culture that supports each person on the team – not just when you win, but also when you “lose.”  Failure should be looked at as a learning opportunity rather than a loss.  The best performing organizations experiment and fail regularly as they perfect their craft.
  • Disruptive ideas and creative destruction should be the norm.  Constant improvement should be on everyone’s mind, in every circumstance, and each person in the organization should feel as though they offer their input.
  • It takes many different types of people to make a successful team. Idea people, execution people, and experimenters.  By themselves, none of them can prosper, but together – the sky is the limit.
  • Engage yourself in interesting conversations and be willing to put in the work.
  • Be passionate about what you do. If you’re not, create something different that you can be passionate about.
  • Be curious.

Let us know if we can help as your business evolves. Reach out to us to help with each financial step.

Written by Brian Heinrichs, President, Fourth Capital


 4 years ago by Fourth Capital

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