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Holiday Scams to Lookout For
Holiday Scams to Lookout For

While we shop and cook and hang holiday lights, scammers are busy looking for their next targets. The Better Business Bureau has issued a list of scams to be on the lookout for during the holiday season and tips on how to keep yourself from being the next victim. Keep your holidays safe and jolly by not falling for these follies!

Medicare Scam Awareness
Medicare Scam Awareness

October 15th begins open enrollment for Medicare's more than 60 million participants. As you consider the many options, don't forget to keep an eye out for scams. Scammers use this time as an opportunity to take advantage of older adults.

"Salami" Attacks: A New Pattern in Email Fraud

Financial services providers and security companies have uncovered a new pattern of email fraud called “salami” attacks. Named for the way sandwich makers may cut salami into thin pieces, these attacks involve hackers “slicing” small sums of money from multiple bank accounts at once.

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Strip away all the formality and banking is simple. Just like any business, we’re here to solve problems and create value for others. We offer simple, fair solutions that are mutually beneficial and breathe new life into the notion of relationship banking.

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Fourth Capital is a private and locally owned Nashville bank, with a generational vision that means we’re here to stay. We have personal appreciation for the community we share, its future, its growth, its prosperity and the important part each of us plays in that.

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