E-Statement Delivery Disclosure

You must be an owner/signer on the account to enroll in E-Statements.


E-Statement CUSTOMER Agreement: By accepting this agreement, you (the CUSTOMER) are consenting to receive E-Statement services (SERVICES) related to your account at Fourth Capital Bank as specified below:

  1. The CUSTOMER hereby requests and authorizes BANK to send notice of regular periodic account statement(s) to CUSTOMER or their agent, in lieu of a paper copy, in electronic format for all accounts designated in this agreement to be viewed through SERVICES via the BANK’S Retail Online Banking Service or Business Online Banking Service. By utilizing the SERVICES, CUSTOMER agrees to be bound to all rules and regulations applicable to CUSTOMER’S deposit account and any other contract for services at BANK as established and amended by BANK.
  2. CUSTOMER agrees to receive initial and periodic account disclosure information in an electronic format. BANK will provide this information in a clear, conspicuous manner that CUSTOMER can print and/or store using the hardware & software specified above. A copy of said disclosures may be viewed at the BANK’S web site, www.fourthcapital.com. BANK will notify CUSTOMER of any material change in hardware or software required for retrieving or storing this disclosure information.
  3. CUSTOMER understands their right to revoke this agreement and thereby withdraw consent to communicate with the BANK electronically. To withdraw consent and terminate this agreement, CUSTOMER must notify bank in writing, 30 days in advance, of this decision delivered to the BANK at the following address: Fourth Capital, PO Box 305111 Nashville, TN 37230-5111, or by emailing info@fourthcapital.com. There are no fees associated with rescinding this agreement.
  4. CUSTOMER understands that CUSTOMER has a right to obtain a paper copy of any of the above-described disclosures or E- Statements. To obtain a paper copy, CUSTOMER must make a specific request to the Fourth Capital Bank at the above address. In some cases, Account Research Fees specified in the Fourth Capital Bank Fee Schedule may apply to CUSTOMER’s request pursuant to this paragraph.
  5. CUSTOMER agrees to notify the BANK immediately if CUSTOMER is unable to access any of the information that has been delivered by the BANK in an electronic form or manner.
  6. CUSTOMER agrees to provide the BANK with signed, written notice if CUSTOMER’s electronic email address changes.


E-Mail Statements System Requirements:

  • Valid, active email address
  • Personal computer or Mac with printer capability
  • Authorized Fourth Capital Bank Online Banking Access (www.fourthcapital.com)
  • Adobe Acrobat, (download free from www.adobe.com)
  • A browser from listed below, browser support is subject to change without notice, so we encourage users to configure browsers for automatic updates:
  • Google Chrome (Current and previous two versions) Windows-Recommended, macOS-Recommended.
  • Mozilla Firefox (Current and previous two versions) Windows-Supported, macOS-Supported.
  • Microsoft Edge (Current and previous two versions) Windows-Supported, macOS-Unsupported
  • Apple Safari (Current and previous two versions) Windows-Unsupported, macOS-Supported.


This disclosure is required by the federal Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act (E-SIGN Act). Please read this E-SIGN Disclosure carefully and keep a copy for your records.

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