Fourth Capital Partners With The Nashville Entrepreneur Center


We are excited to announce that Fourth Capital has joined the Nashville Entrepreneur Center as a Program Partner for their InFlight program.

Fourth Capital was originally founded in 2004 and envisioned as a locally-owned, privately-held community bank built to serve Music City for generations. Even the name itself is a nod to the moment when Nashville became the fourth capital in the history of the state.

Sixteen years later, we moved into a brand new office building at 10 Lea Avenue, making the Nashville Entrepreneur Center one of our closest neighbors here in Rolling Mill Hill, and soon after, a supporter of one of their signature programs.

“Fresh off the launch of a new name and brand this summer, our team is operating with a ‘start-up mentality’ like most of the businesses the Nashville Entrepreneur Center serves,” said President and Chief Banking Officer of Fourth Capital Brian Heinrichs. “We believe in supporting those who challenge the process, operate with intellectual honesty, and are passionate about adding long-term value to our Nashville community. With many shared values and our new headquarters just steps from the EC’s front door, this is a natural partnership that I am excited to watch grow and evolve.”

The EC became the front door for entrepreneurs aspiring to create companies in Nashville with the opening of its flagship facility at 105 Broadway in August of 2010. In June of 2013, the EC moved to its current location in one of the many Trolley Barns on Rolling Mill Hill.

Originally a vision of the Partnership 2010 initiatives of the Nashville Chamber of Commerce, the EC began in 2007 with the mission of raising the quality of resources available to Nashville’s entrepreneurial and small business communities. We are thrilled to support their mission. Learn more about the Nashville Entrepreneur Center here.


 3 years ago by Fourth Capital

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